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News and views

sample lesson plan
  • level: upper-intermediate
  • type: article-based


In this class we will discuss recent articles about current news and events from reputable newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian and Time. You will be able to share your thoughts and opinions on important issues facing modern societies. You will be able to develop arguments and discuss your views with others in a friendly learning environment.
Topics could include: Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change and the Environment, and Cities of the Future.

Class format

Each class will focus on one article about an interesting topic. Students will be sent the article before the class, giving them the opportunity to prepare questions and comments, and to think about their opinions.
During the classes we will spend some time answering questions and checking understanding, before moving on to discussing the topics in greater detail. Discussions will develop from one-to-one, to small groups, and whole class debates.

Student expectation

Students can build their confidence in speaking English, gain practice in expressing their opinions in English, deal with differences of opinion in a friendly way, and learn about interesting world affairs.

Sample article selection