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MDT is a 4.5 years old company. We offer English courses to adult students. We learned that the key to stand out from the competition is the quality of our partner teachers. Our goal is to work with really good teachers and help them make more money.


Pay starts at NTD800/hr. Above that, we do profit-sharing with our partner teachers. Teachers take 50% of the course revenue. MDT takes the rest and pay for the classroom, promotion and customer support. As a result, our partner teachers can focus on teaching and still make a good amount of money.

For example, we charge NTD300 per student per hour for our 8-student courses. If there are 7 students, the teacher can earn NTD300 * 7 * 50% = NTD1050/hour.

Number of students






Teacher's pay per hour (NTD)






In April 2019, there were 14 teachers hosting courses with MDT. The average hourly pay was at NTD986/hr.

We don't have unnecessary costs

We don't have permanent classrooms, sales team or unnecessary staff members ... etc. We keep our costs low so teachers can get more from the course revenue.


We focus on adult students, average around 30 years of age. A2-B2 level. Most of our courses are for conversational skills.

What do we offer?

We offer classes that help students perform better in the workplace, and equip them to deal with any challenge that may arise.

Additional information

  • Hours: 3-6hrs/week or more.

  • Locations: We have 5 locations in Taipei city*

  • Weeknight or weekend. Typically our classes start at 7pm on weeknight and weekend all day.

  • The average class will range from 6-12 students.

*Five location are: MinQuan W, SongJiangNanJing, NanJingFuXing, SYS and Da'an.


  • Bachelor's degree or above

  • ESL certificate (eg, TEFL, TESOL, CELTA ... etc)

  • Plan to stay in Taiwan for one year or more

  • 2 year+ teaching experience with adult students


To apply, please fill out MDT Application. Typically we will reply in 7 days: MDT Application

New teachers will teach their first classes the following month.

To learn more about us , please go to: