Payment and other policies


The salary for teaching will be 40% of the revenue from each class or $800NT per hour; whichever is greater.

Payment Dates

We will email confirmation details of payment by the 5th of the next month, with payment deposited by the 7th. ​

For example, the payment of March:

  • MDT will email confirmation details by the 5th, April.

  • MDT will deposit the payment by the 7th, April.

Stop working with a teacher

Every three months, MDT will review each teacher's stats. Under extreme situations, MDT will stop working with a teacher:

  1. Repeat students rate: lower than 12%

  2. Teacher's attendance rate: lower than 95%

Attendance rate

If a teacher reschedules/ cancels a session in 48 hours before a class starts, it becomes one class skipped on record.

For example, a teachers has taught 8 courses (which adds up 32 sessions). And he asked to reschedule one session. His attendance rate = 31/32 = 96.8%.

Make-up Class Policy

If your student had to take a leave, he/she can choose either:

  1. Asking a friend to attend the class for him/her; or

  2. Getting a discount coupon for his/her next course.