How to use the website

Launch a course

Create a course outline

Course Managment > Manage Course Outlines > Create Course Outline

Schedule a course

Course Managment > Course Scheduler > Schedule a Course

Teachers have to schedule a class 4 weeks before it starts. Typically we need 4 students to start a class. To increase your sales, we recommend to schedule your courses as early as possible.

Send a message to students

You must use a computer to send a message to students, as mobile devices currently are not supported. Please use the following steps:

  1. Sign in

  2. Go to Course Management > Course Scheduler

  3. Then click [Edit/ Send Message]

  4. Put in the message that you want to send to the students

  5. Click [Save and send to students]

Messages sent using the [Save and send to students] function remain in the system. Students who sign up after the message is sent will see it upon logging in to the Web site, so there is no need to resend messages when new students sign up.

Send a message to students: after the first class

You can follow the same steps as send a message to students. Please simple delete the message that you sent for the first class, then put in new message, then click [Save and send to students]

Earn comments from your students

Once a course finishes, our website will send a from to your students. They can leave you a comment which will show on your teacher profile. Good comments significantly help sell a class. There are 5 questions:

  1. Did you feel you had enough talk time? (out of 5)

  2. Did you learn some new ideas? (out of 5)

  3. Did you feel the teacher was well prepared? (out of 5)

  4. Overall experience (out of 5)

  5. Please write a comment for the teacher

Check comments that students write for your courses

You can heck the comments and ratings that your students wrote for you classes:

Course Management > Course Scheduler > Click the numbers that are in the boxes "Reviews"

Pay details

You can check your pay details on our website.