Emergency situations

This information is very important. Please keep the contact information in your phone. Thank you!

MDT Line account

Please send a message to our Line account, so admin team can contact you when needed. MDT's Line ID: @vfg2346g

Accident or sickness

If you have an accident or you are too sick to teach a class, please do the following steps:

  1. Inform your students by sending a message via MDT website.

  2. Inform MDT by sending a message to MDT's Line account.

Please inform your students and MDT as early as possible. MDT will cancel the class, then help refund the students.

Can't enter classroom

We rent classrooms from Treerful. If you can't enter the classroom, please contact them right away:

  • Treerful Line ID @kzu3062y

Then please contact MDT:

  • Jay 0987125129

If you can't find Treerful nor MDT, please let your students leave. MDT will contact you and the students as soon as possible.